The best Apple Watch bands for sports, gym and swimming

While Apple Watch bands are always ready to track your back-breaking hikes, aimless work meetings and nightly shut-eye, finding the right combination of looks and features to match the right occasion can be tricky.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to styling the smartwatch, and you can quickly accumulate a collection of straps. The only information you really need to have to hand is the colour and size of the Apple Watch model you’re buying for, since bands vary to fit 38mm/40mm and 40mm/44mm devices.


What are the best Apple Watch bands to buy?

The Apple Leather Loop is our pick for the best Apple Watch band you can buy right now, providing comfort, style and durability. Apple updates the colours of this handcrafted strap regularly so you won't get bored.

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For daily exercisers, though, it’s likely the Apple Watch Sport Band is a more effective choice. Able to tackle the grime of workouts and available in a seemingly never-ending list of colours, this should be a staple for any Apple smartwatch owner. It's the best Apple Watch band for sports.

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If you’ve only just let go of your traditional watch and its metal band, or you need something to mask your Apple Watch in board meetings, the Link Bracelet Band is a stylish option. The best Apple Watch link bracelet, it's as comfy as a metal strap can be on the wrist and is easily adjustable.

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